Vitalik Buterin warns of quantum computers’ risk to Ethereum: Could funds be stolen?

Vitalik Buterin warns of quantum computers' threat to Ethereum.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin reassures the crypto community that the ETH blockchain is prepared for a potential quantum threat. He stated that in the event of quantum computers being used by malicious actors to steal funds, Ethereum may implement a hard fork to counter this.

Buterin emphasized that the infrastructure for such a hard fork could start being created as early as the following day, ensuring maximum preparedness.

Quantum-resistant cryptography, like Winternitz signatures and STARKs, aims to prevent such scenarios. Buterin also mentioned the possibility of a sudden quantum transition, suggesting a simple recovery hard fork as a solution. This would require users to download new wallet software, but Buterin believes very few would lose their funds in this scenario.

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