Publish0x review [2021] Things to know before getting started

Publish0x review 2021, a tale of self-publishing platform, presenting an online earning website based on Ethereum blockchain. It has its strong milieu to provide an earning platform for crypto enthusiasts. Since it is launched in 2018, it is getting familiar with the crypto community. Publish0x provides an opportunity for both readers and authors to work and get rewarded in the form of cryptocurrency.

If anyone wants to join the publish0x community then this article will really help you. We will provide step by step guidelines about the things to keep in mind before getting started with Publish0x.

How to Create a User Account on Publish0x

Publish0x account is a window of opportunity for you to get into the pool of cryptocurrency market. The user needs to create a new account on the website to mark his identity as a publish0x team member.

The following are key instructions for the beginners to make a new account.

  • Go to the website link and visit the homepage of publish0x.
  • Hit on the Sign-Up and Earn Crypto button to get access to the registration form. Use Get Started option if you are using a cell phone.
  • Fill the information required and hit Sign-Up with the Email button (You can also sign up by using your Facebook or Twitter account).
  • Verify your email account by clicking on the verification link, you will receive through Email.
  • Here is your publish0x account; you just need to log-in to get a start.

Ways of Earning with Publish0x

By creating a free publish0x account you stepped into one of the best publishing and earning platforms. Get paid in multiple ways by using your brain. The following are the 3 basic tasks to be performed to get rewarded.

1. Earn by posting Great Content

Publish0x offers bloggers and web content writers with an opportunity to publish Content related to the cryptocurrency market. Your high-quality blogs and articles earn for life. Publish0x maintains quality standards for authors and publishers. Your content should be unique, informative, original and best of the best.

Most authentic and interesting content is able to attract more followers. Your academic degree can make your task easy if it is related to the crypto trading and marketing. Publish0x team bans the author’s account with plagiarized and spun content. If you are able to get good views and tips there are more chances to get more tokens in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT), DAI StableCoin, Hydro and Loopring.

To earn more tokens you need to build a strong following list. If people will not be able to view your content you will not get enough tipping. Valuable and Up to date information based content is able to attract more followers, more tipping and more chances to increase your earnings.

2. Earn by Reading Articles

A unique feature of publish0x is that it is paying the readers along with its authors. Mostly all the other sites pay only to authors and writers. After creating a free account you will get access to more than 35,000 publications. You just need to read the post and tipping the favorite content creators. A tip may present in any form of cryptocurrency. The amount of tip will be distributed between you and the author or blogger.

At the end of each post, publish0x offers a tipping option. The reader is allowed to tip the author and allocate the amount of tip to the author according to its own will. The tipping price is in the form of tokens because the site does not have its own currency. For the same reason, it is called crypto agnostic publishing and earning website.

3. Earn through Ambassador Program

Another earning way on publish0x is its referral program which is called the Ambassador Program. When you create an account on this website you get an ambassador link. This is actually a referral link that you can share with your family members, friends, and colleagues.

You will refer this website to others and in reward; you may get 5% of every tip generated by your referrals. This is possible only when the people you refer will join the publish0x by creating its account.

Register Now on Publish0x

Publish0x Features

Few of its unique features that may get the attention of the users at first sight include:

  • Create a free account on Publish0x and start working without investing even a single penny.
  • Publish0x not only offers the earning opportunity to the authors, web content writers but it also gives chance to readers to get paid.
  • If you are good at convincing the other people then publish0x is for you. You can earn money by making referrals.
  • It’s a legit platform that offers feasible withdrawal methods.

How Publish0x Works

User has to go through the following protocols to work on:

  • Get yourself registered
  • Author’s account needed if someone wants to join as a content writer
  • Start writing blogs/articles
  • You can tip the posts you like most
  • You can work as ambassador
  • Authorized Eethereum account to receive and store tokens
  • Get your payment on every Monday

It provides crypto in the form of tokens (Basic Attention Token (BAT), DAI StableCoin and Hydro) because it does not have its own currency. It keeps on changing the currency in order to increase user earning.

Readers can get information by reading the content available and can earn as well. Publish0x provides a unique referral link to each user. A user can share the referral link to others and earn via an indirect way.

How to Become an Author

To work as an author for publish0x you need to get your author’s account.

  1. Lon-In to your account and go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on Become an Author; you will get publish0x Author Application Form.
  3. Review all the information required and fill the form with genuine information.
  4. Read and accept all the terms and conditions and click on the Submit Application button. Within 24 to 48 hours your application for the author will be accepted after verification.

There are more chances of getting approval as the author’s account if you mention your previous work experience along with the application. After getting approval you need to maintain the quality of content you publish. Well, researched articles/blogs are able to get followers’ attention. The more the followers will visit your content the more they tip to your post. More tipping will make you earn more token.

How to Withdraw your Earnings on Publish0x

Let ‘talk about withdrawal methods. After getting all the information about what is publish0x, how you can make your account on it and how to earn money on it. You want to know about the way you get rewarded through.

As we have discussed that we can earn money in the form of tokens. For withdrawal, use any of the Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. You can withdrawal every Monday if you have a minimum balance in your wallet. Recommended ERC20 Supported wallets are MyEtherWallet and

Is Publish0x legit or Scam?

There are lots of online earning ways that people use to make money. Different websites offer cryptocurrency to their users when they spend time on these websites. Users can earn by playing games, watching ads and videos and online filling survey forms.

Content publishing websites only pay to authors no one acknowledge readers for their valuable time and efforts. Publish0x is a legit project which rewards readers as well as authors for their efforts and time spent on it.

As an author, you can get the maximum benefit from this site if you are a well-established author and able to attract the followers. You must have great communication and convincing power to approve maximum referrals for the website.


Publish0x is similar to Steemit and Medium, but both of these web pages only benefit the writers. Publish0x payout rewards to writers and readers in Basic Attention Token (BAT), DAI Stable coin, hydro and Loopring.

It offers free tipping to readers to earn tokens. A reader is free to allocate the amount of tipping to the author. Users can get their unique referral links to share with others. It this way they can earn indirectly by referring the other people to this website. If you will follow the standards of quality and maintain your integrity as a user you can earn a lot.

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