Futureverse Studios releases trailer for Readyverse’s “Open” battle royale game.

Futurverse Studios and Readyverse, co-founded by Ernest Cline and Dan Farah, have launched the first official trailer for “Open,” a new third-person battle royale game. Developed in collaboration with Walker Labs, creators of 2022’s “Walker World,” this marks a significant milestone for the Readyverse platform.

“Open is the flagship hero experience within the Readyverse, representing the first genre-defining AAA metaverse gaming encounter. It seamlessly integrates top-tier IPs using web3 technology, offering a multi-biome, multi-IP, multi-mode gaming adventure. This innovative approach allows for interoperability with beloved IPs in various formats, ranging from simple skins to fully immersive experiences.”

The trailer offers glimpses of a game that promises to blend multiple genres, intellectual properties (IPs), and environments. Viewers keen on spotting details will notice references to iconic consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 2600. There are also nods to popular franchises such as “Back to The Future” and “Pacific Rim.”

While the trailer doesn’t showcase any actual gameplay, it hints at a richly immersive experience. “Open” is expected to function as a third-person battle royale, similar to popular shooters like “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Fortnite.” This suggests fast-paced action and strategic gameplay elements.

One of the key aspects of the Readyverse platform is its commitment to the principles of the open metaverse. This includes a focus on security, decentralization, and digital ownership. Players may have the ability to move characters and gaming assets between different environments, potentially engaging in non-fungible token (NFT)-like metamarket activities.

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