JDI Group and Tensor lead the $20M Phoenix AI Ecosystem Fund


JDI Group and Tensor have unveiled the Phoenix AI Ecosystem Fund, investing $20 million to grow the Phoenix AI app ecosystem and enhance AI compute infrastructure. The fund will back new AI applications and partners in sectors such as AI-driven DeFi, trading, Web 3 gaming, and content creation.

HONG KONG, CHINA, March 10th, 2024 – The AI ecosystem and blockchain sectors are on the brink of a transformative bounce forward with the introduction of the Phoenix AI ecosystem Fund, a collaborative initiative between JDI organization and Tensor.

With a full-size investment of $20 million, this strategic fund aims to boost up the boom of the Phoenix AI ecosystem software surroundings and strengthen the development of AI compute infrastructure hardware, placing a brand new trendy for innovation and development in the decentralized AI area.

A brand new era for decentralized AI Ecosystem infrastructure

Phoenix emerges as a beacon of innovation in decentralized AI infrastructure, imparting a number applications that cater to numerous use instances. From generative AI and large language fashions (LLM) to gadget vision and AI quant trading, Phoenix’s AI elastic compute platform, SkyNet, showcases its versatility and functionality. This various array of packages has no longer simplest captured a wide target market but additionally attracted a various institution of environment companions. Web three projects, exchanges, and DEXs are an increasing number of integrating Phoenix’s AI answers, leveraging its advanced abilities to liberate new fee for his or her users.

The dedication to fostering a vibrant surroundings is obvious in Phoenix’s technique. With the aid of imparting decentralized infrastructure that helps a mess of AI-pushed programs, Phoenix is not simply facilitating technological advancement but also promoting a collaborative and inclusive surroundings. This initiative encourages innovation throughout the board, permitting developers and creators to discover new frontiers in AI, blockchain, and past.

Fueling innovation and AI Ecosystem infrastructure development

The Phoenix AI atmosphere Fund is strategically divided to serve twin functions: nurturing innovation and bolstering infrastructure. On one the front, the fund is dedicated to incubating and assisting new packages and AI atmosphere companions. This investment pursuits to power advancements across various sectors, including AI-enabled DeFi, trading, net three gaming, the metaverse, and content material advent. Through offering economic backing and strategic assist, the fund seeks to unlock the ability of AI in revolutionizing those verticals, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes.

At the infrastructure aspect, the fund’s awareness shifts to the development and scaling of Phoenix’s AI compute network. The introduction of PhoenixNode by using JDI’s subsidiary, Bobber.Com, marks a vast milestone in this endeavor. These proprietary AI compute nodes are designed to be lightweight, price-powerful, and scalable, providing a realistic answer for increasing AI compute capabilities. The fund’s funding in R&D for these nodes, alongside the established order of specialized co-region centers, underscores a dedication to building a strong infrastructure that may help the growing demands of decentralized AI packages.


The release of the Phoenix AI surroundings Fund via JDI group and Tensor is a landmark occasion inside the nation-states of AI and blockchain. By way of channeling $20 million into the improvement of the Phoenix AI software atmosphere and the underlying compute infrastructure, this initiative is ready to boost up innovation and increase in decentralized AI. The fund’s dual consciousness on nurturing new packages and improving infrastructure reflects a complete method aimed at fostering a sustainable and scalable AI atmosphere.

As Phoenix maintains to conform, its impact on AI-enabled DeFi, trading, internet three gaming, the metaverse, and content introduction is expected to be profound, heralding a brand new technology of technological development and collaboration. Thru this visionary method, JDI group and Tensor are not simply making an investment in era; they’re making an investment in the destiny of decentralized AI, paving the manner for a global wherein AI’s ability is completely realized and reachable to all.

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